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Organic Beauty Treatments

Different types of beauty treatments we offer using only organic products

At Anahata, we are passionate about what we put on our skin and that’s why we have made it our mission to find a beautiful selection of organic face and body care by Black Chicken Remedies that we adore and know that you will love too.  Our facials are nurturing and relaxing, helping you to slow down, to be in the present moment, to reconnect to the stillness within. We believe in a simplified beauty approach for your skin health and wellbeing.

Black Chicken Remedies is a beautiful Australian made organic skincare range made with therapeutic essential oils, created by CheyBirch. The inspiration for the name Black Chicken Remedies is drawn from legend. Sacred traditions throughout the world have revered the role of the wise woman, shaman and community healer, someone with a special gift for understanding nature’s balms and healing remedies. All the products are 100% natural, contain certified organic ingredients and are free of chemicals, fillers, perfumes and dyes.

Our hair removal products are also free of petrochemicals and we only use the finest and purest all natural and organic ingredients post and pre-wax.


Facial Treatments

Facial Treatment Options

  • 35 min Black Chicken Organic Facial (a basic cleanse, tone, clay mask, facial massage and scalp treatment) $65
  • 60 min Black Chicken Organic Facial (includes scalp, leg, arm and foot treatment) $160
  • 75 min Black Chicken Organic Facial (Includes back, scalp, leg, arm and foot treatment $175
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60 min and 75 min treatments includes:

  • A consultation to determine factors such as lifestyle, stress, food and skin issues. (Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment for this, as this is not included in the facial time)
  • Cleanse & warm facial compresses with Black Chicken Cleanse My Face oil to deeply and gently cleanse the skin and prepare the skin for treatment.
  • Exfoliation using complexion polish to gently slough away dead skin and remove impurities.
  • Toning using a botanical hydration and toning mist infused with organic essential oils and pure floral waters to leave your skin feeling vibrant and energised.
  • A beautiful clay treatment mask with Cacao and White Kaolin Clay, stimulating blood circulation, reducing inflammation in the skin and smoothing/refining the skin’s complexion.
  • Head and Scalp massage whilst the clay mask is on with HairOM, enriching your scalp, promoting blood circulation and regeneration of new hair.
  • – A deep and relaxing facial and decollete massage using love your face serum and Love your Body oil, helping the skin to absorb the therapeutic effects of essential oils that feed vital nutrients to hydrate the skin, adding moisture, whilst calming the mind.
  • A beautiful facial balm is then applied to the skin and massaged using lymphatic stimulation techniques to help the skin detox while it is deeply nourished and restored, followed by a leg and hand treatment.
  • The facial ends with ICU eye serum which is gently applied circling the eyes. This eye serum improves elasticity and helps to regenerate skin cells, restore and retain moisture.

Body Treatments


Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph and help to detox your body.

  1. Increase the carrying capacity of the lymph system, allowing it to process up to 10 times more fluid than normal.
  2. Increase the flow through the lymph nodes, filtering out waste products, dead cells, excess proteins and toxins from the tissues.
  3. Increase the production of lymphocytes, thereby increasing the body’s ability to fight infections.
  4. Activate the parasympathetic response, producing a body-wide relaxation effect.
  • 1 hour ($79)
    * Price will drop for multiples treatments booked in advance if many sessions are necessary.
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Body Shape Massage

A famous Brazilian massage protocol that combines three types of massage: relaxing, modelling and lymphatic drainage. Helps weight loss; detox; reduce cellulitis appearance and even skin texture.

  • 60 – 75 mins ($79)
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Other Organic Beauty Services


We do more...

  • Facial Waxing (Upper Lip / Chin) $15
  • Eyebrow Design $40
  • Eyebrow Tint $20
  • Eyelash Tint $20

Not sure which massage is right for you? Get in touch with us and we can help you decide depending on your circumstances.